Pu toka, conque marine


Shell trumpet. Marquesas Islands. Late eighteenth/early nineteenth centuries. Triton shell, human hair, bone, coir, gum. L 37.5 cm. Cambridge, CUMAA: 1922.1166. Donated 1922 by Louis C.G. Clarke; possibly from the Widdicombe House collection (also acquired by Clarke in 1922), and of Cook second-voyage provenance. This side-blown triton-shell trumpet (pu toka) is in exceptional condition, missing only the wood mouthpiece which was formerly gummed to the circular aperture. A bone toggle (po’o ivi) secures a large bunch of human-hair tassels. The hair may have functioned as a muffle, as well as a sacrificial memorial to a deceased relative – hair being cut off as a sign of mourning. Trumpets were used to summon, to signal and to mark specific ritual time periods. Pacific Encounters Art & Divinity in Polynesia 1760 – 1860 Steven Hooper THE BRITISH MUSEUM PRESS 2006


3 commentaires sur “Pu toka, conque marine

  1. bonjour
    j’aimerai trouver ce coquillage pour moi et mon ptit fils .
    tenez moi informez moi du prix et ou commander .
    merci de me repondre
    .mme citharel


  2. bonjour
    je cherche une conque ,putoka ,pour mon petit fils et moi meme.serait il possible de savoir ou m’en procurer s’il vous plait .merci d’avance
    et à quel prix .
    mm citharel


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